Three Stooges - Slowy i Turn

Niagara Falls are one of the The Three Stooges routines. Performing for only time in the screen in their 1944 short subject, Gents Without Cents. This routine much performed during their personal and TV appearance.

The routine was raised from the "Slowly I Turned" routine which features : a man recounting the day he took his revenge on his enemy - and becoming so engrossed in his own tale that he attacks the innocent listener he is speaking to. The attacker comes to his senses, only to go berserk again when the listener says something that triggers the old memory again.

Typically, the routine has two characters meeting for the first time, with one of them becoming highly agitated over the utterance of particular words. Names and cities have been used as the trigger, which then sends the unbalanced person into a state of mania; the implication is that the words have an unpleasant association in the character's past. While the other character merely acts bewildered, the crazed character relives the incident, uttering the words, "Slowly I turned...step by step...inch by inch...," as he approaches the stunned onlooker. Reacting as if this stranger is the object of his rage, the angry character begins hitting or strangling him, until the screams of the victim shake him out of his delusion. The character then apologizes, admitting his irrational reaction to the mention of those certain words. This follows with the victim innocently repeating the words, sparking the insane reaction all over again.

The Stooges version of that's routine take Niagara Falls as place name have been used as the trigger. The attacker always played by Moe and the listener/victim always played by the Third Stooge, notably Curly and Curly-Joe (about this routine played with Shemp still unknown today). The attacker always attack the victim with Stooge violent charactirezation (smashed, hit, bonked, bopped, socked and mashed his face and knocked the victim down).

Only difference with another versions of "Slowly I Turned" routine are the THIRD PERSON. After the attacker leave the victim alone, the victim meeting again with another character (Larry) and accidentally he's a man from the attacker story which also have to go berserk like the attacker when he heard "Niagara Falls". After the third man attack the victim, both the attacker and him are meeting each other, but they not attack each other and even be a friend and attack the victim together.thumb|356px|right

The routine later played again in their TV guest appearance in Ed Sullivan Show, May 9 th, 1965 with Curly-Joe. Moe Howard also later performed a variation of the routine, with Mike Douglas, Roger Miller, and Julie Newmar in a 1970s television appearance on The Mike Douglas Show, November 29th, 1973.

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